Quick scan

Starting artists can quickly let us assess their agreements through a so-called Quick Scan. The agreement is assessed on key issues and advice is given about on potential improvements. This is not confined to the legal aspects. The advice also deals with royalty fees or percentages and fees stipulated by the offering party. The ensuing negations can be done by the artist himself. Of course it is also possible to have Dikhoff Van Dongen do the negotiations for the applicable hourly rates. The Quick Scan is offered for a fixed amount per contract.

 How does the Quick Scan work? The agreement is analysed on key issues and the resulting recommendation is discussed by telephone. Note: a Quick Scan is not the same as a full assessment of a contract.

Any contract can be submitted. As the title of an agreement is not always related to its content, Dikhoff Van Dongen will determine beforehand what type of contract is involved. It is possible that Dikhoff Van Dongen is not able to assess the agreement, for example when the contract is drawn up by an attorney at Dikhoff Van Dongen or if the provider of the agreement is a client of Dikhoff Van Dongen.



Quick Scan Artist Agreement (record deal) € 300,-
Quick Scan Licentie Agreement € 300,-
Quick Scan Master Purchase Agreement € 300,-
 Quick Scan 360/Full rights Agreement € 300,-
Quick Scan Music Publishing  
     • Music Publishing Agreement (Publishing Contract) € 300,-
     • Option/Fund Agreement € 300,-
Quick Scan Distribution Agreement  € 250,-
Quick Scan Booking Agreement € 300,-
Quick Scan Management Agreement € 300,-
Quick Scan other Agreements e.g. € 300,-
     • Music Video Production Agreement   
     • co-edition Agreement   
     • sub-publishing Agreement   
     • (sound) Producers Agreement  

All prices are excluding VAT and 6% office expenses. Prices are subject to change. The above listed prices are for agreements in Dutch. English-language contracts are subject to an additional charge of €50 per agreement.

All Quick Scans are performed only after full payment in advance and in accordance with Dikhoff Van Dongen general terms and conditions. The terms and conditions contain a limitation of liability.

Questions or interested? Please contact Rob van Dongen (vandongen@dikhoffvandongen.nl).