Film, Television and Digital Media Consultation

We hold a free weekly consultation hour especially for (beginning) creators and producers active in film / television and online content.

 Every Tuesday afternoon, beginning filmmakers and producers can ask their questions to our specialized music and entertainment lawyers.

 The consultation is designed to discuss the pitfalls and legal aspects of the creation and production of audiovisual content. How do you protect a format? How do you negotiate with broadcasters / distributors and online publishers? The consultation is also intended to ask about partnerships. What is the benefit of a VOF instead of a BV?

 The consultation takes place at our office on Kerkstraat 363a, Amsterdam. The consultation usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes. There are no fees, but please make an appointment in advance.

 You can reach us by calling 020-521 9999, ask for Gaico Bos or Sander Dikhoff.