Gaico Bos | Attorney IT, entertainment and media

Gaico Bos is a startup- and media/entertainment lawyer. He advises individuals and companies, ranging from small internet startups to publicly listed corporations. He is familiar with all legal aspects of television / cinema, the music industry,  digital media, and internet. In addition to his legal expertise, Gaico has extensive knowledge and experience of the practical aspects of the entertainment industry. Gaico has a background as a television producer and internet entrepreneur.

As an attorney, he advises and litigates with regards to film and television productions, music publishing, advertising, online channels, and MCNs. His clients include advertising agencies, producers, distributors, operators, online publishers of YouTube channels and vloggers. Due to his knowledge and experience in the field of internet law, privacy law, and consumer law, Gaico is frequently asked to assist with online initiatives in digital media. He has given advice on digital platforms for video on demand, multi-channel networks, e-books, crowd-sourcing and complex (film) funding. He also deals with (international) broadcasting authorities with regards to (television) broadcast licences.

Additionally, much of his work consists of advising and litigating in the area of corporate law and insolvency law. He has been involved in several large and small mergers, investments, and acquisitions of media companies.

Media lawyer Gaico Bos can assist with questions concerning internet law / IT law, media law, publishing, collecting societies, advertising law, copyright, neighbouring rights, media law, privacy law, consumer law, corporate law, and insolvency law.


Expertise: Digital Media/ IT, Film/ Television, Advertising regulations, Privacy, Corporate Law, OFCOM, Broadcast license, Music Publishing 

Gaico Bos | Attorney IT, entertainment and media

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Expertises: Corporate Law, Film / Television / Online, Digital Media / IT


  • Guest lecturer Film Law, Amsterdam Film Academy
  • Presentations on terrorism and freedom of speech in online media
  • Panel Privacy after Snowden, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Panel Legal aspects of fan content and advertisement
  • Digital Schizophrenia, Internet and Privacy, presentation at the national E-Netherlands Conference
  • Intellectual property for managers in the media, guest lecturer Hogeschool Utrecht


  • Contributions to Volksrant
  • Contributions to SBS Shownieuws
  • Contributions to BNR Radio
  • Contributions to BNN
  • Contributions to WNL


  • Guest lecturer Film Academy Amsterdam (Nederlandse Film en Televisie Academie)