Music, Theater and Events

For many years we have been assisting parties in the music and events industry. We work for both creators (such as DJs, artists, musicians and actors) and operators (such as labels, publishers, promoters and festival and theater producers).

Who do we assist?

An important and highly valued pillar of Dikhoff Van Dongen Lawyers is our legal services for the music and theater industry. We don’t only work for labels, music publishers, booking agents, promoters, festival and theater producers and various impresarios, but also for (international) artists, (EDM) DJs, bands, composers, actors and artist managers.

What can we help with?

The legal side of the music business is complex: in addition to the general contract law, all kinds of specific rules about copyright and neighboring rights come into play. Our lawyers frequently assist clients working in the music business with providing general advice and drafting and/or negotiating contracts. Examples include publishing agreements, distribution agreements, artist agreements, licensing agreements and master purchase agreements
For shows or concert tours in theaters and at festivals, all kinds of arrangements need to be made. Productions are getting bigger and bigger, and the industry worked on the basis of trust and without a formal agreement in the past, it has become the norm to put agreements into writing. Our lawyers know the ins and outs of the theater and events sector and assist theaters, promoters and festival organizations as well as the performing artists and actors with advice.
Also in case a collaboration isn’t as successful as parties hoped it would be, our lawyers offer assistance. Naturally, we always try to reach a mutual agreement, but if that proves to be impossible, we have extensive experience in litigation, for example in plagiarism cases, royalty disputes and proceedings about who owns the masters of a track.

If you already have an existing agreement but would like someone with experience to take a brief look at it, we also offer the option of a quick scan.

Examples of cases in which we have been involved:

  • Lawsuit between Afrojack’s former manager and Afrojack
  • Lawsuit between Sony Music Entertainment and Mr. Probz
  • Lawsuit between DJ Roger Sanchez’  former manager/agent and DJ Roger Sanchez
  • Lawsuit between Julio Iglesias and his record company
  • Lawsuit between Stichting Norma and Stichting Thuiskopie
  • Lawsuit between producer of Soldier of Orange – The Musical and former lyricist


Rob van Dongen, LLM