Sander Dikhoff has a close relationship with his clients

Sander Dikhoff has a close relationship with his clients, making it always a pleasure to discuss the topics. He will pick a battle when needed but makes sure that it doesn’t disturb the relationship with the negotiating party.

Profound knowledge of the movie business

Sander Dikhoff has a profound knowledge of the movie business and is an expert on Dutch and international contracts for film productions. He helps out producers, actors, writers and investors in the business and he is very precise and thorough!

His personal approach is unique

Rob van Dongen’s personal approach is unique, and his skills, legal knowledge and network in the music industry make him the go to lawyer.

No-nonsense and clear approach

The team has a no-nonsense and clear approach to the spiderweb of rules and unwritten rules of the music industry and its rights holders.

Very pleasant to work with

Sander Dikhoff and Rob van Dongen are very pleasant to work with and always available. Their knowledge of the entire spectrum of the entertainment business is impressive and you can be sure to get great advice from them or win cases if necessary

Excellent knowledge

Excellent knowledge of IP and entertainment law and practical applications